"He was pointing at the moon, but I was looking at his hand."
- Richard Siken, “Anyway” (via ohsymantha)


Scottish wedding

"Okay, listen to me. I don’t care, right. I don’t. We’ve all been through some crazy, crazy stuff. I don’t care what he’s talking about. And he can talk until he’s blue in the face about God, Gods, miracles, life, death, whatever he… I don’t care. I don’t care what you think you saw. I watched your Viper explode. Don’t care. I’m here. You’re here."


Il Consiglio alla Vendetta, Francesco Paolo Hayez - 1851 Detail

“Brokeback got us good, don’t it?

history meme ∙ (2/7) pairings ∙ hadrian & antinous

Hadrian had a close relationship with a Bithynian Greek youth, Antinous, which was most likely sexual. During a journey on the Nile he lost Antinous, his favourite, and for this youth he wept like a woman. Concerning this incident there are varying rumours; for some claim that he had devoted himself to death for Hadrian, and others — what both his beauty and Hadrian’s sensuality suggest. But however this may be, the Greeks deified him at Hadrian’s request, and declared that oracles were given through his agency, but these, it is commonly asserted, were composed by Hadrian himself. Antinous drowned in 130. Deeply saddened, Hadrian founded the Egyptian city of Antinopolis in his memory, and had Antinous deified – an unprecedented honour for one not of the ruling family. The cult of Antinous became very popular in the Greek-speaking world. (requested by anon)

Florence + the Machine music videos: Ceremonials era (Part 2/2)

Okay, this is real. Danny never looked at me like that.