“I’d quite like to do [a line of] dog accessories, because I feel like there’s not a good amount of dog accessories on the market. When I’m looking for a lead or looking for a collar… I feel like I could design them better. And dog beds. I don’t like the look of them.”

— Nick Grimshaw, on what he’d like his next business venture to be (x)

"what’s the meaning of life?" to have a laugh, innit

"You’re friends with Harry…is there anything you can tell us that no one else knows?" (x)

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In which Nick finally gets with the programme and realises Sir David Attenborough used to one hot dude (+ great with animals and children, has 31 honorary degrees, and was a v successful Director of Programming for BBC 1 and 2 in the 60s!).


Title: "Keep the nation guessing"
Artist: R1 Breakfast Show
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Harry mention on the show today, plus Nick and pints (14.03.2014)

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American actor Aaron Paul was on the show today and the team all turned into total fangirls about it XD

aka the one where Nick full on fangirl screams and Fiona wouldn’t mind a second go at her fan photo.



Nick and Harry leaving London Edition Hotels (x)

@grimmers: I’m so hungover I’ve been making dinner for actual 90 minutes now. Have to keep sitting down for breaks.

Nick: I read on Twitter as well last night that there was a woman waiting inside the cinema in a [brides] dress.

Title: Quiche?
Artist: Nick Grimshaw
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Nick discusses Quiche with Scott Mills after Real or No Real, today, 6 February 2014.