Excuse me while I have a tinhat moment.

SOMETHING GREAT, right? Was written by Harry. So the ENTIRE SONG is a song about waiting for the day that someone will finally tell him how much they love him and want him, and how they’re going to be together forever just like he’s been imagining all…

anonymous asked: “could you draw harry hugging lou from behind? and have his chin resting on his shoulder?”

I know you want me too, even if it’s not now, I’m gonna wait it out. But don’t you dare forget that moment that we had, I know we both felt it. I wanna tell you things, I never tell myself, these secrets hurt like hell, oh.

Int: You cleaned it up yourselves?
Louis: Yes, yes we did.
Harry: Hands and knees for two days straight. (x)

Louis likes taking care of Harry


Times when Louis is touching Harry in a possessive/protective/caring way that he only uses for Harry only and it just crushes your soul into a million pieces.

Because he’s his boy

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“I do a fantastic plate of tacos, they are a family favourite or, should I say, household favourite. I cook them for Louis quite a lot, he seems to like them so I’m taking that as a big compliment.”

Harry - on cooking dinner for his husband (via flawlesshomosexuals)