You know what? We should release a single as The Game Of Thrones Boys, like, some kind of charity single which would sound awful. It would sound like the howling of the direwolves but it would be, you know, fun. (x)

smashing champagne: In Which The GoT Cast Writes Slash Via Texts


Kit Harington said that on the Iceland set, when they’re at the bar, they fight about theories. Same in Belfast?
Richard Madden: Completely. Sometimes I text with Kit or Gethin [Anthony, who plays Renly], and we laugh at about how geeky we are. I’ve been having a lot of Robb…


Mel’s Top 10 9 Stunning Men

07 - Gethin Anthony


From time to time, King Renly would feed Margaery some choice morsel off the point of his dagger, or lean over to plant the lightest of kisses on her cheek, but it was Ser Loras who shared most of his jests and confidences. The king enjoyed his food and drink, that was plain to see, yet he seemed neither glutton nor drunkard. He laughed often, and well, and spoke amiably to highborn lords and lowly serving wenches alike.