The second I met Sam I felt as though I had known him a year. I’d say he’s an old soul, so silly, a total ‘bloke’. He made me feel so confident, I trusted him right away. [credit]

Rosamund Pike photographed by Nadav Kander


"A slow nature such as Maurice’s appears insensitive, for it needs time even to feel. Its instinct is to assume that nothing either for good or evil has happened, and to resist the invader. Once gripped, it feels acutely, and its sensations in love are particularly profound. Given time, it can know and impart ecstasy; given time, it can sink to the heart of Hell." — Maurice by E.M. Forster

Alexander Skarsgård photographed by Annika Aschberg, 2010.


The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) dir. Wes Anderson

"i was so worried, i baked a whole cake. and then i ate a whole cake." | broad city

I’m naturally an extremely lazy person, so if someone did everything for me, I really think I would do nothing at all.

Title: No One's Here to Sleep (ft. Bastille)
Artist: Naughty Boy
Played: 4183 times


Naughty Boy || No One’s Here to Sleep (ft. Bastille)


15 Day Countdown to Blue Lily, Lily Blue - [eight] favourite scene from the dream thieves  

"You have to go after what you want," Kavinsky said. "You have to know what you want.”

Ronan said nothing. Under those parameters, it would be impossible for him. What he wanted was to know what he wanted.

Kavinsky’s smile was wide. “I’ll teach you.” 

Connor Walsh in 1x04 • “Let’s Get to Scooping” 

Sam Claflin - L’Officiel Hommes Italia Fall/Winter 2014

kiss me and i’ll cut your fucking tongue out.